Premium Nature Images

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What makes nature photography and travel documentaries unique? Why does an art photography stands out from the crowd?

Is it the light? the perspective? or the soul of the author captured in the atmosphere?

The gallery below catches a glimpse of our answer to what a premium landscape photography and travel video stands for.



Technical evolution simplified our lives but at the same time complicated our decision making. If you are looking for a nature photography or travel video you may be crushed by the overwhelming volume of still and moving images spread around the internet. The digital revolution in photography and videography made it possible. Affordable recording devices and the social media opened the door to the visual media to almost everyone. The quality of the images and the effort put into their creation may be arguable. As they say: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  

Photography, Time-Lapses and Video

In our quest for the beautiful landscapes and the cultural wealth of the world we are looking for the unusual perspective and the special photography light that render the "wow", the uniqueness to a premium image. In our still and video images we capture the subtle changes and those moments in time that the human eye hardly perceives.

The photography freezes the special moment of a situation. 

The time-lapse reveals the breathtaking movements and changes of light and athmospheres that we don't notice over a long period of time: the stars circling and the aurora borealis dancing in the night sky, the transition of light and colours at dusk and dawn or the clouds running over a landcsape. 

The video captures the movement that gives the particular meaning to an image: the behaviour of the animal, the dynamic of a landscape or the pattern of a cultural element. 

The result of many years of adventurous traveling to the remotest corners of our planet is an outstanding abundance of premium travel and nature images characterized by a carefully thought light composition, framing and atmosphere.