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In Search of the Jaguar

A Six Weeks Adventure Travel by Motorcycle through Brazil

Watch the trailer of our Adventure documentary from Brazil. If you are interested in an English version please contact me.

Brasilien - Auf den Spuren des Jaguars - Trailer from Tourenfahrer on Vimeo.

Showing the Brazil flag before our adventure begins
Showing the Brazil flag before our adventure begins. Here in Sao Paulo with a rented Yamaha XT660 TenerĂ©. 

This adventure travel began actually with one of these annoying spam emails that all of you know. A tour operator was advertising for his travels through Brazil. Our prejudices about this land prevented us to visit it until than: densely populated cities, criminality, favelas and unspectacular landscapes. Therefore we were just about to through the email to the garbage when a picture caught our attention: that of a jaguar. Right! Aren't this wild cats living in Brazil? Was it the Amazonas or this huge swamp area in the southwest? With these thoughts we started to look for a more thorough information about Brazil and our plans began. They ended with a six week adventure targeted to discover the past and present environment of the jaguar. This huge land taught us a valuable lesson: leaving our preconceptions behind us we experienced a beautiful Brazil full of surprises of the beaten tracks.

Motorcycle Riding in the desert of Jalapao
Motorcycle Riding in the desert of Jalapao


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