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Profile - Who we are

We are a German photo and film team who have travelled extensively to the remotest corners of the world.

For years we have pursued our passion in search for the natural and cultural wealth of our planet Earth.

On our motorcycle we have traversed China's Wild West, climbed over Tibet's 5000m high passes, filmed down inside Indonesia's volcanoes and crossed the isolated Mongolia.

We fell in love with the harsh beauties of the polar regions and marveled at the colours of the vast deserts. 

We spent freezing days observing the penguins fighting for survival and even more freezing nights hunting for the most special light: the Aurora Borealis.

Photographer Claus Possberg

Claus' passion for travel and still images started thirty years ago. He experienced the realities of over sixty countries and regions and may claim to have seen half of the world. His photographies fill the beholder with awe for the beauties of our world and awake the longing for the distant places. 

During the long nights when he was on call Claus created a personal photo and motorcycle website around his long distance travels. A huge selection of over five thousand photographies from all over the world attracts an impressive enthusiast community to the well-known German travel website. Most of his fans know him as Possi (after his website), his nickname from his childhood years.

Part of his photographic work was published in a coffee table book and several calenders. Regularly he publishes a best of selection of his still images in various magazines.

Filmmaker Anna Possberg


After meeting the globetrotter Claus Possberg her life turned into a completely new direction. Infected by the travel virus Anneliese, or Anna how friends call her, gave up her initial career realizing that a 9-to-5 job at the desk was definitely not for her.

Looking for means to convey the overwhelming impressions and experiences gathered during their tavels Anna discovered her passion for the moving images.

Her documentary about the wildlife in Antarctica is in a production and distribution project. A film series about their adventure travels is also planned and production has started. Her well known and award winning time lapses are now available for licensing.

Together with her husband she publishes articles about their experiences throughout the world.

Anna joined the international well-known network for wildlife filmmaking industry. Registered Member


What we stand for

Our credo is to search and reveal the beauty in things.

We observe our environment without interfering and look for the positive chararcteristics of a place or situation.

Our creative work may filter thus parts of the reality but our goal is to bring the wonders of our planet closer to the people, to share with them the optimism and the joy of living.

Our pictures show how precious our world is and demonstrate that our nature and culture is indeed worth to be protected.

Our work

The assemblage of our photography and video material bears clearly the pattern of far distance adventure travel, outstanding landscapes, breathtaking nature and traditional cultures interacting with their environment.

A vast number of our destinations required travelling under extremely hard conditions, be they the hot desert of the Danakil or the cold heights of the Himalayans. They only made us keener for the special qualities of each individual place.

Travelling by motorcycle is more than a lifestyle. It allows us the independency and flexibility we need to achieve the standards we require from our work. We believe that the quality of our images is grounded in a thoughtful framing and composition of light.

The result is an impressive collection of spectacular still and motion pictures.

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