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Film Projects we are working on

Show Reel Wildlife Camera

Only a glimpse of the amazing beauties I filmed around the world:

Cute Owls and a Charismatic Capercaillie in a Magical Forest

My wonderful film year in Bristol has come to an end. I finish my master in wildlife filmmaking at the UWE Bristol with the BBC NHU with a short film about the less known yet amazing wildlife of the magical Bavarian Forest. "Natural Born Chaos" is my homage to the second home I have found in Germany.

Natural Born Chaos - Trailer from Anneliese Possberg on Vimeo.

On an island of natural forest amidst the German civilization wild animals can live thanks to a tiny insect.

How Is It To Live with Arctic Predators?

Our long-term project will be to document the changes of the Arctic world in powerful, dramatic images. Watch here a trailer of our future documentary about the special relationship between the native people of the Arctic and the polar bears.

Nanuq - Living with the Polar Bear from Anneliese Possberg on Vimeo.

This teaser tells the story of two climate refugees, the polar bear and the brown bear who meet on the north coast of Alaska in the small Inupiat village of Barter Island. Here, where life is hard enough, the Alaska native people have to face not only the effects of a changing environment but also the two largest land-based predators who move in to fight for territory and survival. From the perspective of the natives, the film answers the question if the polar bear may survive the present retreat of the ice in the Arctic sea - especially if it has to adapt to a living on land where it meets food competitors, the brown bears and the humans. The film gives hope for the survival of the polar bear if the humans learn and accept to live with wild animals without threaten them existentially.