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Time Lapses

Time-lapses from southwest USA off the beaten tracks - like you have never seen before.
The talented cinematic composer David Raiklen ( grasped perfectly the bizarre and unearthly beauty of these landscapes. Thank you David for composing a score that expresses so well my perspective on this corner of the world.
My reaction to our trip to the Colorado River area this year: "We are going to southwest USA? Ugh! There are only dead rocks!" Dead rocks? I soon learned that these impressive rocks have a life of their own hidden to our eyes. For thousands of years the sun bathed them in light and dancing shadows. The sun gave birth to the clouds and to the rain that carved the spectacular forms of the rocks. And the night sky rotated above the rocks day after day in the endless course of the stars time. This is the short version of the film material I shot in the southwest USA in 2013. if you are interested in viewing the full version or licensing the material please contact me.

More details about the "making of" on
The soft light of the arctic regions attracted me magically so that I decided to dedicate a project to it. Around the polar circle light occupies a very important role, especially in winter. During the freezing months the sun creeps only along the horizon providing thus long hours of this tender twilight that occurs before sunrise and after sunset. But the nights are even longer and then another special light brights up the sky: the aurora borealis. In this film I wanted to show how individual the northern lights are: they may dance very fast in a frenetic rhythm or explode in a red-purple firework or they may just glow greenish over the starry sky vaguely distinguishable by the human eye. Every night there is a different night show - if the polar lights appear as they use to be very shy divas.
As a non resident of the arctic regions it was very difficult for me to hunt the northern lights. I travelled different times to the distant regions at the polar circle. It was not easy enduring the freezing temperatures and the darkness and sleeping in the tent or in the car when the harsh wind was shaking it too strong. But after a year I had the incredible luck to gather enough video material for this film project. Especially on my last trip to Tromsö in february 2013 I experienced incredible beautiful aurora borealis.
The footage was captured in Greenland, Norway (on the Lofoten islands and in the Troms region), Iceland and Finland.

The surreal atmosphere of the landscapes is emphasized thanks to the wonderful music of the talented and creative composer Pablo Garmón


Iceland has become a popular destination since the singer Björk made her island famous by her songs. Yet few people know Iceland during wintertime. And I am sure that they miss a beautiful part of the island: the snow covered rocks, the magic arctic light and especially the phantastic aurora borealis dancing in the sky. The days spent at the Jokülsarlon glacial lake were one of the most beautiful and peaceful Christmas time I remember.

Music by: Justin R. Durban/ "Alpha Command"/

This year the sun activity provides again dramatic aurora in the arctic sky.
The time lapses were made with a Canon 5 D Mark II in northern Norway.

Credits: Music by Justin R Durban

Volcanoes of the ring of fire gave birth to the islands of Indonesia. They gave fertile soil and enabled civilisations but in their inside they are hiding a permanent danger.
Thanks for the organization to Tom Pfeiffer from